British Columbia expects fruit and veggie price spike

The California drought could send produce prices soaring.

October 13, 2014
Industry News

From Vancity Buzz:

Seven dollars for a pound of broccoli? It’s closer to reality than you may think.
Many of British Columbia's fruits and veggies are imported from the United States. Thanks to a drastic and ongoing drought in California, where much of that produce is grown, fruit and vegetable prices on the Canadian side of the border are likely to see a major spike.
A new report commissioned by Vancity called “Wake up Call: California Drought & BC’s Food Security,” cautions B.C.’s consumers of a potential 34 percent increase in the price of fruits and vegetables this year.
The last 30 months have been the driest on record in California, and the thirsty state of the state means their agricultural industry is taking a hard hit.
Crops that need the most water to grow are the ones for which we will see the biggest price hike here in B.C. This is where that $7 crown of broccoli comes in. And it may be what you find at your local Safeway or SuperStore in the next five years.
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