Bowery Farming featured on Jeopardy!

Bowery Farming featured on Jeopardy!

Clues from the category “Alternative Agriculture at Bowery Farms” included footage of the vertical farm.

March 28, 2018
Patrick Williams
Industry News

Vertical farming is rooting its way into the public consciousness, with Kearny, New Jersey, grower Bowery Farming receiving its own category on Jeopardy!

Sarah Whitcomb Foss, a member of the primetime show’s Clue Crew, visited the vertical farm, where she donned a hairnet and protective gear and offered clues to the category “Alternative Agriculture at Bowery Farms.”

The contestants appeared to know the subject matter, answering correctly to each of the five clues after clicking their buzzers.

Here is one of those clues, for 800, Alex:

“It’s projected that by 2050, two-thirds of Earth’s population will live in cities far from traditional food sources. Indoor vertical farming brings fresh produce to urban areas with this soil-free growing process, with Greek words, meaning ‘water’ and ‘labor.’”

Watch here

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