Biological Products Industry Alliance announces Sustainability Symposium

Biological Products Industry Alliance announces Sustainability Symposium

The event takes place on Friday, Oct. 11 in Orlando, Florida.

August 3, 2017
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WASHINGTON, DC - The Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA), a U.S.-based trade association representing the biopesticides and biostimulants industries, will be holding a Sustainability Symposium in Orlando, Florida on Oct, 11, 2017, for biological products manufacturers and marketers, distributors, food processors, growers, and service providers supporting agriculture, public health, forestry, and specialty markets such as home and garden, turf and ornamentals, and structural pest control.

The Sustainability Symposium will include topics such as growing consumer interest in biological products, the role of biological products in integrated pest management, what exemption from tolerance really means, and how to continue building credibility for the biostimulants industry.

“BPIA recognizes the important role biological products play in sustainability,” said Scott Peterson, Co-chair of the BPIA Meeting Planning Committee and Eastern Regional Sales Director for Certis. “Consequently, we are holding this Sustainability Symposium on October 11th in conjunction with our annual Fall Meeting on October 10th at the Hyatt Regency Orlando to spread the word about integrating biological products into sustainability goals."

As interest in the biological products sector continues to grow, attendance at BPIA’s meetings, conferences, workshops, and symposiums is also increasing. BPIA anticipates its program in Orlando this fall to be its largest event to date. You can register to attend here.