BrightFarms debuts Sunny Crunch packaged salad

BrightFarms debuts Sunny Crunch packaged salad

The green combines the crispness of iceberg with the color and flavor of leafy greens.

February 5, 2018
Edited by Chris Manning

BrightFarms is announcing the launch of Sunny Crunch, a packaged salad that features a unique baby leaf iceberg not typically found in U.S. supermarkets.

Sunny Crunch combines the crisp texture of iceberg with the flavor and color of a leafy green. BrightFarms’ innovation team spent months researching and testing non-traditional lettuce varieties before landing on Sunny Crunch. It will be grown and distributed to local supermarkets from each of the company’s current greenhouse facilities.

“Iceberg lettuce is an American classic that continues to command a strong position in the salad category” said Abby Prior, BrightFarms VP of Marketing, according to a press release. “Sunny Crunch adds a new level of flavor and excitement to a variety that many of us grew up with. We’re very excited to be introducing it to our retail partners as an exclusive offering.” 

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