Chattanooga, Tennessee loosens zoning rules

Chattanooga, Tennessee loosens zoning rules

The new regulations say it only takes 5 acres of land for urban agricultural purposes.

September 28, 2017
Times Free Press

Chattanoogans can now raise cows, horses, goats or even chickens if they have at least 5 acres of land

Tuesday night, the Chattanooga City Council loosened up longstanding zoning rules that said landowners must have at least 20 acres to rezone their property for urban agricultural purposes. Now it only takes 5 acres of property, a site plan for animal location and a willingness to file paperwork with planning authorities.

People who own fewer than 5 acres of property can still get into urban farming if they file for a special permit, which the city council must approve.

This exception to the new agricultural zoning baseline divided the council in a 6-3 vote to include it as part of the entire package, with Vice Chairman Ken Smith and members Carol Berz and Darrin Ledford casting "no" votes.