DelFrescoPure announces 10 acre expansion for strawberry production

DelFrescoPure announces 10 acre expansion for strawberry production

The Canadian grower expects the new space to be in full production by November 2017.

September 11, 2017
Press Release
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KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA – With the increasing demand of locally grown greenhouse strawberries, DelFrescoPure announces Phase One of its greenhouse strawberry production expansion to ten acres. The expansion will be in full production by November 2017 in order to fulfill marketplace demands for Ontario greenhouse grown strawberries.

“Within the past two years we decided to enter the greenhouse strawberry production as an experiment and have succeeded beyond our expectations!”  said Carl Mastronardi, President of Del Fresco Produce Ltd., “The flavor profile, sweetness level and overall customer feedback has been overwhelming. This encouraged our team to continue with our production, brand development and expansion plans.” 

The expansion features innovative technology for growing in all seasons including energy curtains and grow lights to provide a half million square-foot controlled micro climate environment for growing strawberries. This development has been coined by DelFrescoPure as ‘Canada’s largest greenhouse strawberry controlled environment with grow lights’.

“We decided to experiment with another category – berries and what an achievement! We offer summer tasting berries all season long.” commented Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales.

DelFrescoPure brands greenhouse strawberries under YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack! with local and national retail partners. Contact to learn more about the program or visit