Inocucor Technologies adds two to Canadian team

Inocucor Technologies adds two to Canadian team

Jan Karl is the Vice President of Sales in Canada, while Sean Chiki will lead sales efforts in Ontario.

August 31, 2017
Press Release

MONTREAL— Inocucor Technologies Inc., the agri-tech company that produces biological crop inputs for agriculture, will have greater capacity to serve Canada's farmers and greenhouse growers with the appointment of Jan Kral to Vice President of Sales–Canada, and Sean Chiki, formerly of BASF Canada, to lead its Ontario sales effort.

Impetus for the company's expanded Canada presence stems in part from a distribution agreement it cemented in April with Axter Agroscience Inc., one of Canada's leading providers and distributors of foliar feeding crop solutions. Axter supplies Inocucor’s Synergro product to Canada's growers of crops that include strawberry, tomato, lettuce and broccoli.

Kral is a long-time member of Inocucor's leadership team and has been developing the U.S. market for Inocucor's products since their introduction in 2012. He will use his considerable expertise with U.S. growers of a full range of fruits and vegetables to expand use of Inocucor's products in Canada.

Chiki will lead Inocucor's expansion in Ontario, one of Canada's most productive agricultural and horticultural regions. He brings 18 years of experience with Canada's farming community through past sales and marketing positions with agricultural product manufacturer BASF Canada, and with Engage Agro, a distributor of specialty agriculture products. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Science from the University of Waterloo.