NatureFresh Farms announces 2018 Greenhouse Education Center team

NatureFresh Farms announces 2018 Greenhouse Education Center team

The Canadian grower is hosting more than 70 events in North America using its mobile greenhouse.

May 7, 2018
Press Release

The Greenhouse Education Center is a greenhouse on wheels – and it may be coming to a city near you! NatureFresh Farms is on the road again with the Greenhouse Education Center program, taking part in events at retail stores, schools, and fairs all summer long. A brand-new crew of passionate student leaders have also joined the ranks to spread the word about greenhouse grown produce and share why eating fresh every day is so important.

The NatureFresh Farms team created the Greenhouse Education Center in 2015 to show consumers exactly how they grow in their greenhouses. Many people don’t fully understand their food’s journey from the farm to their table, and this lack of knowledge can often lead to unhealthy eating choices. The NatureFresh Farms team recognized this disconnect, and the Greenhouse Education Center was born. The Greenhouse Education Center is a 38-foot-long mobile greenhouse unit equipped with vibrant plants, innovative growing technology, and a busy Bumble Bee ecosystem. Visitors to the unit can physically touch the plants and see exactly how they are grown in NatureFresh Farms greenhouses. They can see the drippers, the ventilation system, the heating rails – everything! This behind-the-scenes look at greenhouse growing allows consumers to gain a greater understanding about how their food is grown and get enthusiastic about healthy eating.

A brand-new team of passionate students will also be travelling with the mobile greenhouse all summer long to answer questions about NatureFresh Farms, greenhouse growing, and all things fresh. This year’s students have backgrounds ranging from Business to Agriculture to Health Sciences, which means that they bring a diverse set of perspectives to the greenhouse farming industry. Although they come from different life experiences, they are all passionate about the future of fresh.

This year, the Greenhouse Education Center will be taking part in over 70 different events across eastern North America. The team will be visiting retail locations, schools, and fairs across Ontario and throughout states including Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.