Postmates now offers grocery delivery

Postmates now offers grocery delivery

The added service comes with a redesigned app.

November 13, 2017
Consumer Watch

Postmates has always offered grocery delivery as part of its ethos of delivering anything to you within your city on-demand. Now, Postmates is taking things a step further by baking in a grocery-specific service into its newly revamped app. With Postmates Fresh, which the company has been testing in San Francisco for the last few weeks, people can order groceries via local partners for delivery in 30 minutes or less.

“I’ve used Instacart, GoodEggs and other services, but there’s something magical when I ordered groceries my first time on Postmates,” Postmates Consumer Product Lead David Byttow told me over the phone. “I didn’t have to schedule it. It just came immediately.”

Postmates Fresh works in partnership with various local grocers in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles — the three markets in which Postmates Fresh is currently available. Working with local partners, Postmates says, enables them to offer curated lists of locally-sourced groceries while the revamped app lends itself to making Postmates grocery offerings more prominent.

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