Revisit Produce Grower's 2017 cover stories

Revisit Produce Grower's 2017 cover stories

This year, we covered women in CEA, produce industry leaders and more.

December 21, 2017
Chris Manning

Did you miss an issue of Produce Grower this year? If so, take the time to read this year's cover stories. 


Women in CEA startups, by Cassie Neiden 

Meet 4 female trailblazers raising the bar in controlled environment agriculture through entrepreneurship.


Greenhouse to market, by Cassie Neiden and Chris Manning 

Weigh the pros and cons of selling your produce through local farmers markets.


Man of tomorrow, by Karen E. Varga

Metropolis Farms founder Jack Griffin’s revolutionary technology aims to empower communities through vertical farming.


Taking greenhouses to new heights, by Brooke Bilyj

Lufa Farms is revolutionizing urban agriculture by growing produce-to-order and feeding thousands from rooftop greenhouses.


Why rural?, by Patrick Williams 

In areas with rich agricultural histories, greenhouse owners make a push to support local labor and strengthen welcoming communities.


Greenhouse produce on the rise, by Karen E. Varga

As consumer demand for locally sourced, high-quality, year-round produce increases, growers have new opportunities for expansion and diversification.


People in Produce, by Chris Manning, Patrick Williams and Neil Moran

Meet 10 people who are influencing different segments of the produce industry. 


Small produce with big potential, by Brooke Bilyj

Here’s how Fresh Origins has grown to be the leading producer of microgreens and edible flowers in the United States.