Agrilyst platform to be distributed by Las Vegas Low Voltage
Photo courtesy of Agrilyst

Agrilyst platform to be distributed by Las Vegas Low Voltage

Agrilyst also announced a partnership with Scanit Technologies, a sensor device manufacturer.

January 30, 2019
Press Release

Agrilyst announced on Jan. 29 that Las Vegas Low Voltage as its first reseller of its grower management software now fully integrated with Scanit Technologies airborne pathogen detection devices.

The company also announced a partnership with Scanit Technologies, a Bay Area-based technology company whose sensor device captures, identifies, and detects pathogens before they hit the crop, reducing the risk of crop loss. The product uses artificial intelligence to identify, among others, powdery mildew and botrytis, two pathogens affecting indoor growers.

With a fully integrated solution, growers no longer need to log into multiple systems. They will be able to view plant health analytics in Agrilyst, alert the right stakeholders right away, and act to protect crops before a disease affects growth.

Las Vegas Low Voltage is a low voltage and security systems provider to the cannabis space with over a decade of experience in the Nevada and California regions. They have been tapped to become the first reseller of the new integrated platform from Agrilyst and Scanit and will begin distributing immediately.

“I have been dreaming of a solution like this. Growers need an all-in-one product that helps them manage their operations and their risk. There is far too much risk in the current way of testing products for disease and I’m excited to offer growers a new product, one using cutting edge technology and human-centered design that fits into their operations seamlessly,” said Chad Stone, President of Las Vegas Low Voltage. “This solution fits perfectly with our model of bringing innovative solutions directly to end-users and giving them a central platform to manage from.”

The integrated product is already being deployed into facilities in Nevada. Region leader, Matrix NV is the first operation to take advantage of the integration. “We are incredibly excited by the potential of the Agrilyst platform, becoming more proactive in our operations will put us leaps ahead,” said Alex Ficken, COO of Matrix NV.