Agritecture schedules one-day urban farming class for Nov. 2
A past Agritecture urban farming course
Photo courtesy of Agritecture Consulting

Agritecture schedules one-day urban farming class for Nov. 2

The course includes a tour of Farm.One, information on how to design a vertical farm and insight on financing a farm.

October 10, 2019

Agitecture Consulting is hosting a one-day class on Nov. 2

In this detailed and practical one-day class, students learn the commercial aspects of urban farming from the Agritecture Consulting team at its headquarters in Brooklyn. The class culminates with a private tour of Farm.One's newest location in lower Manhattan, where participants get an in-depth look at the inner workings of a pioneering vertical farm.

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Whether you're thinking of starting a peri-urban greenhouse or a vertical farm in the heart of a city, or just looking to get a detailed understanding of commercial urban farming fundamentals, this class, according to a press release, will give you the core knowledge and skills needed to plan out and profitably operate an urban farming business of your choice.

Class contents:

- Developing your strategy
- Marketing and sales
- Building your farm
- Managing labor
- Financial model & business plan
- Private tour of Farm.One in Manhattan

Full class details are available here. The cost to attend is $500. 

Please note: Agritecture requires a minimum of five participants to hold each class. A refund will be issued for tickets purchased if the class doesn't reach this minimum in time.