Allegro Acres harvests winter-produced greenhouse peppers
Orange and and red peppers grown by Allegro Acres.
Photo courtesy of Red Sun Farms

Allegro Acres harvests winter-produced greenhouse peppers

Red, yellow and orange peppers were grown using LED lighting from Sollum Technologies and with assistance from Harrow Research Center of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

January 20, 2021

Sollum Technologies announced in a press release that Allegro Acres, located in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, harvested the first greenhouse crop of winter-produced peppers using LED lighting technology in Canada.

The results of this strategic partnership, in collaboration with the Harrow Research Center of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and with the support of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), attest to the benefits of our unique smart lighting solution and its application on a large scale.

Red, yellow and orange commercial grade peppers were seeded in October and harvested in December, the release said, then shipped to grocery stores. 90% of the peppers from this first harvest were extra-large.

"Sollum's smart LED technology has been very reassuring and comforting throughout the process because we know that every day, when we wake up, we can now control everything that's going on in our greenhouse,” Gene Ingratta, President of Allegro Acres, Sollum’s, about the technology. “We don't have to worry if the Sun is going to come out or not. It's now sunny every day, and we can adjust the greenhouses’ lighting in real-time as climate conditions change during the day."

“This Canadian first with Allegro Acres is great milestone for the greenhouse industry and confirms the commercial potential of our smart LED solution,” Sollum Technologies' President and CEO Louis Burn said. “Harvesting high- quality greenhouse peppers in winter and on such a large scale is a stepping-stone on which we can build to develop additional light recipes for increasingly diverse crops.”

The peppers are sold under the Red Sun Farms brand.