Big Marble Farms announces 10-acre expansion
From left to right: Big Marble Farms partners Rick Wagenaar, Ryan Cramer (CEO) and Albert Cramer

Big Marble Farms announces 10-acre expansion

In the new growing space, the grower will use waste heat to reduce its reliance on natural gas.


In a continuation of our growth journey, Big Marble Farms has announced its next expansion. The Canadian tomato and cucumber grower is adding 10 acres of vegetable greenhouse and a state-of-the-art 6MW cogeneration power plant. This will take Big Marble Farms to a total of 45 acres in production.

The company will use Martin Energy Group to supply Siemens generators with waste heat recovered to heat the greenhouses. By using the waste heat, Big Marble Farms says it will reduce the amount of natural gas required to heat our facilities and save the associated emissions.Commissioning is scheduled for August 2020.

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Big Marble Farms is working with the City of Medicine Hat utility on the possibility of interconnection for our generation project to further optimize the capture of waste heat.

This cogeneration project was made possible in part by funding from Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Custom Energy Solutions program, which helps large commercial and industrial facilities reduce greenhouse gas emissions..

“We are passionate about growing, and this is an opportunity for our organization to take the next step in offering a consistent supply of healthy, local produce, year-round," said CEO and partner Ryan Cramer, according to a press release. "The new addition will enhance our existing facility and the power plant will provide safe, sustainable power so that we can continue to do what we do best.”