BrightFarms joins IBM Food Trust network
Inside a BrightFarms greenhouse
Photo courtesy of BrightFarms

BrightFarms joins IBM Food Trust network

The greenhouse greens producer will now use blockchain technology as part of the partnership.

October 16, 2019

In a press release, BrightFarms announced it is incorporating blockchain technology as a member of the IBM Food Trust network.

Food Trust, a blockchain-based information-sharing platform, connects supply chain data across the ecosystem. In addition to providing provenance insights, network members such as BrightFarms, say they are realizing benefits around such aspects as supply chain processes, freshness, food safety, minimizing waste and fraud.

"BrightFarms is committed to providing our retail partners and consumers with the safest, cleanest and most responsibly grown produce. Local, controlled environment supply chains already maintain a higher degree of structural safety benefits when compared to field grown produce form the West Coast, and Food Trust will be a valuable tool for highlighting those benefits. We're giving our retail partners the trust and assurance that's needed in today's market." said Jackie Hawkins, senior manager of food safety at BrightFarms.

“By joining IBM Food Trust, we are establishing an enhanced level of transparency to guarantee greater trust for retail partners. With Food Trust, partners such as Walmart can easily and reliably trace our leafy greens to their source in a matter of seconds,” said Paul Lightfoot, founder and president of BrightFarms.

The company said it is ready to begin deploying the technology to its retail partners that also opt into the network.