CEA design best practices guides available

Resource Innovation Institute offers a free facility design and construction guide to help growers understand types of CEA facilities and optimize environments for crop health and vitality.

November 21, 2022

Designing and building high-performance greenhouses and indoor farms cultivation efficiently and effectively requires specialized expertise. The Resource Innovation Institute has published the Facility Design & Construction Best Practices Guide to support not only producers, but their design and construction partners, as well. According to RII, the guide helps users: 


  • Speak the language relevant to greenhouses and indoor farming facilities

  • Understand types of CEA facilities optimizing environments for crop health and vitality

  • Plan greenhouse or indoor operation for efficiency and productivity

  • Design facilities for low-maintenance and autonomous operation

  • Build solutions in alignment with the producer's business model

  • Demonstrate energy savings for utility energy efficiency incentive programs


Download the free guide here.