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Consider these green varieties as you start planning your 2017 line-up.

January 24, 2017

Photos courtesy of respective breeders

Cabbage Katarina

This AAS winner has a perfect smaller head size (4 inches) and shape to be grown successfully in containers on patios, decks or in-ground beds, possibly as an ornamental/edible border. Judges noted that Katarina matured as much as one to three weeks earlier than the other cabbage comparison varieties, so harvest and enjoy early in the year. Once the main head was removed, the plant continued to grow smaller side heads as well. The taste is sweeter and less bitter than conventional varieties; it might just convert even those who think they are not fond of cabbage. For more:

Photo courtesy of respective breeders

SimplySalad Kale Storm

Supplied as multi-species Precision Multi-Pellet with three or more seedlings per pellet. Easy to grow with very quick crop times. An attractive mix of textures and colors, including purple, green and blue. Lasts longer than lettuce and won’t bolt. For more:

Photo courtesy of respective breeders

Brussels sprouts Hestia

Hestia is only the second Brussels Sprouts ever to be granted an AAS Winner designation. This is an excellently flavored, trendy and popular vegetable with a bright green exterior and smooth, dense yellow interior. The erect plant maintains its nice habit throughout the season and was judged notably more uniform than comparison varieties. Hestia tolerated much cooler temperatures and the flavor improves deliciously when the temperatures dip into the 30s. For more:

Photo courtesy of respective breeders

SimplySalad Arugula

Single-species multi-pellet that is quick to establish and can be harvested at a young leaf size for a mild, nutty flavor. Upright type is perfect for bunching. Leaves have a mixture of lobes and smooth shapes perfect for salads or braising. For more: