Consumers want faster online grocery deliveries
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Consumers want faster online grocery deliveries

New research indicates that more than half of shoppers would switch services if it meant faster delivery.

January 28, 2019

A recent study from Capgemini reveals that half of all consumers are willing to switch to a competitor who offers faster online delivery services for groceries. Retailers are trying to win the last-mile delivery race as the overall level of online ordering increases across the country, and consumers stand to benefit from this rivalry among companies.

Capgemini's survey included 3,000 consumers from five countries and 500 supply chain executives from nine countries. The results showed that 40 percent of U.S. consumers already order their groceries online at least once a week, and this number may increase to 55 percent by 2021. Consumers also want faster online deliveries with 55 percent admitting that two-hour deliveries would increase their brand loyalty. Retailers have to focus on the last-mile delivery, which is the final part of the online purchase journey before the product ends up in the customer’s hands.

However, today's consumers are not completely satisfied with online delivery services: 59 percent are not happy with the high prices, 47 percent do not like that same-day delivery is not an option, and 45 percent complained about late deliveries.

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