Eden Green opens first phase of its farm in Cleburne, Texas

Eden Green opens first phase of its farm in Cleburne, Texas

The $87 million facility features 62,500 square feet of growing space.

September 30, 2022

Eden Green Technology announced on Sept. 30  the opening of a new two-acre vertical greenhouse in Cleburne, Texas, as well as the onsite expansion of an additional three-acre facility. 

“The demand for locally-grown healthy produce is at an all-time high. The last few years have seen tremendous investment in the industry at large and in Texas specifically. We’re proud to have been one of the earliest – and now one of the largest – leaders in the space, creating fresh food and new opportunities for workers,” said Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green Technology. “As we continue to develop partnerships across the country, we will remain focused on acting as responsible stewards not only to our investors, but our communities and the environment.”  Per the release, the two-acre facility was completed in less than 12 months and can produce 1.8 million pounds of produce per year in 62,500 square feet of growing space. The phase two expansion will, the release says, triple the production to over 5 million pounds per year. 

This first facility will donate its reserves to local nonprofits Veterans Produce, OurCalling, and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Already Texas’ first and largest vertical farm company, Eden Green is delivering upon the promise of profitable indoor growing in an urban-adjacent environment – a challenge as yet unmet by other competitors. Ten percent of each weekly harvest will be donated and the company says most of its yield is already spoken for. 

In the same release, Eden Green announced that Matt Hemsley has joined its board of directors. Hemsley is the CEO of Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital, one of Wall Street’s leading healthcare platforms, and will provide the company with additional capital market expertise and experience, as Eden Green approaches its Series B round.