Farmshelf Home units to begin shipping next spring
A Farmshelf home unit
Photo courtesy of Farmshelf

Farmshelf Home units to begin shipping next spring

Farmshelf's at home growing allows users to grow their own herbs and leafy greens at home.


Per a press release, Farmshelf has launched its first consumer-facing product: Farmshelf Home. The product allows people to grow leafy greens and herbs at home with the help of a remotely monitored hydroponic system. 

“Our mission has always been to make it easy for people to grow their own food where they live, work and eat. We started where they work and eat at restaurants and corporate cafes, now we are coming to the home,” said Andrew Shearer, founder and CEO of Farmshel, per the release. “Giving people the opportunity to harvest food as it’s needed will not only elevate the idea of ‘farm to table, but help reduce the ongoing cycle of food waste.”

The product allows users to trim as whatever produce they need while allowing the rest of the crop to keep growing. Users can monitor the crop through the Farmshself app. It is available for preorder now with inits scheduled to ship next spring.

A unit will cost $4,950 for those who preorder and $6,450 at full retail.