GoodLeaf Farms announces it is operational

GoodLeaf Farms announces it is operational

The Guelph, Ontario-based vertical farm produces baby greens and microgreens.

September 13, 2019

According to a press release, Guelph, Ontario-based GoodLeaf Farms announced that is fully operational. 

GoodLeaf Farms, a vertical farm, is a fully-automated, 45,000 square foot facility. The company, which produces baby greens and microgreens and was founded in 2011, says it recycles 95% of its water, does not use pesticides and recycles its growing media to be used in landscaping. It also uses LED lighting in order to produce year-round. 

GoodLeaf Farms previously conducted trials to determine an optimal growing environment and had a previous farm Truro, Nova Scotia where it continued research and development efforts. In 2018, it established its location in Guelph. 

"Canadians are demanding better, safer, healthier food and are getting behind their local farmers," says Juanita Moore, executive director of operations. "We know GoodLeaf's greens represent a bright light in a mostly imported produce aisle because Ontarians want fresh, tasty, local greens grown responsibly."