Green Life Farms harvests first leafy greens

Green Life Farms harvests first leafy greens

The hydroponic greenhouse based in Lake Worth, Florida, is set to offer produce to customers later this summer.


Green Life Farms has harvested its first crop of baby leafy greens at its flagship hydroponic greenhouse in Lake Worth, an important milestone as the company prepares to begin selling to supermarkets, restaurants, cruise ships and other distributors. The facility has recently achieved substantial completion, and the team is now harvesting its first crops, which include Baby Arugula, Baby Romaine, and Baby Spinach. Green Life Farms expects to begin growing produce for customers later this summer.

“Planting and harvesting our first crop puts us one step closer to delivering produce that is grown locally using sustainable farming practices and free from pesticides and contaminants,” said Mike Ferree, vice President, Green Life Farms. “We have no doubt customers will be thrilled with the care and dedication we’ve put into the growing process once they smell, touch and taste the baby leafy greens.”

Green Life Farms plans to offer a large selection of products to its customers later this summer, including Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Baby Romaine, Red Romaine Mix, and specialty blends, Southern Style Greens and Gourmet Asian Blend. All Green Life Farms products are free from pesticides and GMOs and grown using sunlight and oxygenated water.