GreenTech Americas rescheduled for Aug. 25-27

GreenTech Americas rescheduled for Aug. 25-27

Due to the global spread of the coronavirus, the event will no longer be held March 24-26.


GreenTech Americas has announced it is moving its meeting from March 24-26 to Aug. 25-27. The significant increase in the global spread of COVID-19 has resulted in this decision. RAI Amsterdam and Tarsus, as organizers, have complied with the wishes of both exhibitors and visitors to reschedule the event. Due to the coronavirus, many travelers are confronted with travel restrictions and measures put in place by the authorities. To maintain the international reach and quality of the event, a new date has been set.

GreenTech Americas is the first regional event in Mexico for GreenTech, the international meeting place for horticultural technology. Fifty percent of the exhibitors are international, and visitors originate from all over the world. The international character of the event is significantly impacted by the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The top three exhibiting countries outside Mexico are the USA, Spain and the Netherlands. In these and other countries, measures have been put in place which influence exhibitor’s and visitor’s ability to attend.

“By moving the exhibition to August 25–27, we aim to offer our exhibitors the best possible time slot, to present their innovations to a global audience and to initiate business. In view of the global economic challenges triggered by the Corona virus in the first half of the year of 2020, moving the show to August offers great opportunities. Horticulture is important for the global food supplies as sustainable cultivation is therefore a necessity. Even in these challenging times we need expert views and discussions on how the world’s horticulture industries can be optimized,” said Mariska Dreschler, director of horticulture for GreenTech.

For more information and to register, visit GreenTech’s website here.