Heating the Harnois way

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Corenthin (Félix) Chassouant, agronomist (MSc) and Sales Director of North America, highlights Industries Harnois’ approach to heating equipment and integrated greenhouse solutions.

May 21, 2021

Photo courtesy of Industries Harnois

Industries Harnois, a Canadian company manufacturing steel structures (greenhouses and fabric building), recently celebrated 55 years in the industry. Over that time, it has introduced new products, services and systems. One offering it has presented is its broad selection of greenhouse heating systems.

“At Harnois Greenhouses, we provide turnkey solutions integrating heating system, and have a team of experts that take into consideration different parameters to perform the best solution and approach,” Corenthin (Felix) Chassouant, sales director of North America says.

When it comes to heating, Harnois provides systems with hot water distribution or air heater, and heat generators that are adapted to various fuel types including natural gas, propane, biomass, fuel oil and electricity. When curating a heating system for growers, Félix says its team of experts analyze important factors such as budget, crops (biological), availability/cost of energy, efficiency and required space to implement the solution. They also consider the growers’ capabilities and experience using a natural gas, propane or biomass system for example.

These measures are taken into account because an efficient heating system is one of the most important steps for successful plant production, Félix says.

“Heating is very important because in some parts of the States, you cannot propagate year-round without a heating system. It will provide uniformity without releasing harmful materials,” he adds. “And a good heating system is a perfect way to provide optimal growing conditions such as temperature, humidity and in some cases, carbon dioxide.”

Besides the success that follows it, Félix recommends heating systems from Harnois because of its cohesive methods that work with other components of the company like the greenhouse design and model selection.

“What makes us different is our integrated solutions,” Félix says. “We have the experts, and our greenhouse heating solutions offer optimal performance. We have quality structures, engineers and a wide range of technologies to enhance production.”