Local Bounti launches grab-and-go salad line

Local Bounti launches grab-and-go salad line

The new program will initially launch in the Northwest U.S. with two salad options.

October 11, 2022

In a press release, Local Bounti announced the launch of its "chef-inspired, grab-and-go salads utilizing its own sustainably and locally grown lettuces." 

The salads are available in two options, both vegetarian and initially launched in the Northwest with a retail rollout expected in October. Per the release, Local Bounti plans to expand its salad line with new flavors and serve additional retailers and regions starting in early 2023. Local Bounti will also be featuring its salads at this year's International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Global Produce and Floral Show in Orlando in October.


• Poppy Power (240 calories) – Local Bounti's Northwest-grown Romaine Crisp and Bok Choy are topped with antioxidant-packed cranberries and a colorful carrot and broccoli slaw. A powerful blend of seeds—pepitas, sunflower and flax—adds a satisfying crunch that is finished with a craveable poppy seed dressing.


• Modern Greek (230 calories) – Local Bounti's Northwest-grown Romaine Crisp topped with fresh tomatoes, feta, hearty quinoa, red onion, crunchy chickpeas, and chopped olives is finished with a bright and savory Tzatziki dressing, bringing a refreshing take on a timeless Mediterranean classic

"We partnered with a team of world-class chefs who helped craft an elevated salad experience to awaken your taste buds," said Craig Hurlbert, Co-CEO of Local Bounti. "Our salads will feature a unique mix of our locally grown greens combined with fresh, high-quality, and flavorful ingredients. It will be a completely new experience for consumers – they will no longer need to compromise on flavor or freshness when seeking out a convenient, better-for-you meal."