Longvine Growing announces partnership with agri-tech firm

Longvine Growing announces partnership with agri-tech firm

Bluehouse Greenhouse will handle the marketing at Longvine's California facility.

September 8, 2021

Longvine Growing Co. (formerly known as Houweling's) signed a strategic partnership with Bluehouse Greenhouse Inc., the Southern California Agri-tech firm, who agreed to market greenhouse vegetables produced in the 38-acre high-wire house at the 58-acre, Los Angeles, CA greenhouse and energy campus.

“We continue to build our partnerships with like-minded growers who share our vision for being a good partner,” said Kevin Doran, Longvine CEO. “Bluehouse Greenhouse shares our passion and commitment to leverage best available technologies and set new benchmarks for our industry.”

“Through all aspects of this project, we conducted a robust search to find the right collaborators,” said Ari Kashani, founder of Bluehouse Greenhouse. “With Longvine, the process felt natural and provided our team comfort that it is a cultural fit with operational expertise and a true partner mindset.”
The Longvine team will support its partners at Bluehouse Greenhouse beyond sales and marketing functions. Leveraging established protocols and documentation around food safety, plant health, growing expertise, pest management and worker welfare, the Bluehouse Greenhouse team will commission the new facility with critical programs in place and ready. “Consistent amongst our customers is the expectation around food safety, worker welfare and sustainability,” said Doran. “These programs require extensive documentation and reporting to ensure transparency. The programs have been built over years with increasing requirements. Our ability to share our team’s expertise will ensure the team can focus on the most important output: the crops.”
The energy profile on the Los Angeles site supports Bluehouse Greenhouse’s ability to maximize control within the growing environment, and produce sustainable fruits and vegetables throughout North America.
“We have spent considerable time with the right experts, designing and building a greenhouse campus that will produce more with less,” said Kashani. “We found numerous opportunities where we can reduce waste and maximize efficiency, which will translate into high-yielding, high-flavor, L.A.-grown fruits and veggies.”
With the new build commencing later this year, Longvine will deliver first production to customers in winter 2022, in tandem with a 30-acre expansion at the company’s Mona, UT headquarters. “It is a very exciting time for our team and our customers. The expanded acreage compliments our existing area and will accelerate the company growth trajectory,” said Mike Reed, Longvine EVP sales & business development. “Critical to success is our ability to provide product consistently with limited disruption. There is no doubt the project increases our ability to do so.”