Nature Fresh Farms debuts new purple tomato

Nature Fresh Farms debuts new purple tomato

'Yoom' is a small-sized tomato with a "crispy texture and juicy interior" and has a plum-like sweetness.

November 9, 2022

Nature Fresh Farms, per a press release, has launched Yoom. It calls the Yoom a "two-bite, deep purple tomato that is full of flavor and ideal for tomato enthusiasts. With an intensity and range of flavor from savory to fresh and a hint of plum-like sweetness the Yoom is the flavor experience that can enhance any meal or be enjoyed on its own."

“The Yoom is the perfect compliment to our existing Tomato offerings,” says Matt Quiring, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Nature Fresh Farms. “It’s full and complex flavor, matched with its small size, crisp texture and juicy interior provide a well-rounded tomato that will appeal to many consumers.”

NatureFresh also calls the Yoom "a powerhouse of nutrients." It features high levels of antioxidants, anthocyanin and lycopene (indicative in its distinguishing deep purple hue), Vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium and is a good source of fiber.

Nature Fresh says the tomato is a good fit for cooks as well.

“The Yoom is a great tomato to add a surprise element to any dish,” says Quiring, adding that its unexpected color and appearance provide an element of modern-chic eleg