PanAmerican Seed offers promotional program for Kitchen Minis

PanAmerican Seed offers promotional program for Kitchen Minis

The various resources are aimed at helping retailers sell the line of potted vegetable plants.


In an effort to “help greenhouse and retail customers sell and raise awareness for the Kitchen Minis collection of edible potted vegetable plants”, PanAmerican Seed has launched a package of promotional sales tools that includes downloadable signage, ready-to-post social content, video commercials and more. Per a press release, “these free resources will build excitement for Kitchen Minis and introduce consumers to a fun new way to enjoy vegetables.”

“Our launch of the Kitchen Minis collection of edible potted vegetables is now enhanced with this full promotional package,” says Claire Josephson, Marketing Manager for PanAmerican Seed. “Growers and retailers can use these marketing resources however they like to help their sell-thru, encourage visibility in stores, and enrich their outbound customer communications.”

The new Kitchen Minis collection includes ready-grown and fruiting compact potted vegetable plants that consumers can place inside on a sunny windowsill or counter without any garden space.

. The marketing resources are available now online here. Included in the package are:

  • Display signage and P.O.P., which can be ordered or printed on-demand in various sizes: cart banners, bench cards and posters.
  • A Kitchen Minis flyer to print as a hand-out or use as a bag stuffer.
  • Copy-paste social posts and images ready for use at Facebook or Instagram that provides you shareable content to schedule into your social calendar.
  • Video commercials to download and play on in-store tv’s, check-out registers, or to feature at your own website.