Plant-based tuna sells at retail
Photo courtesy of Good Catch

Plant-based tuna sells at retail

The offering from chefs Chad and Derek Sarno’s company Good Catch is selling at Whole Foods Market and through Thrive Market.

February 20, 2019

The continuing depletion of fisheries and presence of mercury in fish are among problems facing the seafood supply. In an attempt to address these issues, one company is creating tuna using ingredients familiar to produce growers: plants.

Good Catch’s plant-based tuna arrives in Whole Foods Markets and through the ecommerce retailer Thrive Market on February 20. The product is “chef-mastered, award-winning and shelf-stable,” with the “ocean flavor and flaky texture of chunk albacore tuna,” according to a press release. It is available in ready-to-eat 3.3-ounce pouches.

Chefs Chad and Derek Sarno, authors of “Wicked Healthy,” co-founded Good Catch. The company is dedicated to providing seafood that contains 100-percent plant-based ingredients with the familiar taste of real seafood, while minimizing the environmental impact on ocean ecosystems, according to the release.

“Good Catch products are a one-to-one swap in any recipe that calls for tuna, and can be the centerpiece of any entrée, sandwich, chowder, or salad,” Chad Sarno said in the release. “Plant based Tuna is the culmination of our experience as plant-based chefs, combined with our passion for healthy eating as well as animal and environmental welfare. We're redefining seafood for omnivores and plant based eaters alike.”