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January 24, 2017

Growing Systems’ Traveling Irrigator

Growing Systems’ Traveling Irrigator has been on the market for 40 years. The irrigator is custom made using high-quality components to fit any greenhouse up to 42 feet wide and 350 feet long. Its low-pressure nozzle provides even coverage from 15 to 60 psi. Its rails work efficiently with Growing Systems’ Monorail Trolley Cart. The Traveling Irrigator also has a Programmable Logic Controller (P.L.C.), and 110-volt, 60-cycle single phase nozzles deliver from 0.1 to 0.8 gpm.

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MycoApply Ultrafine

MycoApply Ultrafine Endo is a mycorrhizal soil inoculant consisting of a scientifically formulated consortium of four endomycorrhizal fungi species. Approximately 80 percent of the world’s vascular plant species form symbiotic relationships with these beneficial endomycorrhizal fungi, and rely on these symbiotic partners to thrive. Once applied, the propagules in MycoApply Ultrafine Endo colonize plant roots and act as an extension of the plant’s root system, which greatly increases the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. The use of mycorrhizal fungi improves plant health, transplant success, soil structure and ultimately increases fruiting, flowering and yield.

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