Revol Greens to double production capacity

Revol Greens to double production capacity

The move comes after a strong start in 2021 for the grower.


Per a press release, Revol Greens is expanding its production capacity. The move, the grower says, comes after a strong first quarter where it launched its USDA Certified Organic Spring Mix, Green & Red Duo and Romaine Crunch and each produce sold out.

The plan, per the release, is to double production. The company’s goal is ultimately to become organic in all of its facilities.

“Access to supply is at the forefront of many customers’ minds, given the volatile food chain, transportation capacity challenges and underscored by demand for better-for-you and local and organically grown greens,” adds Tom Thompson, Revol’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We can guarantee customers a 365-day source of USDA Certified Organic greens grown with our Plant Fed organic nutrient source without the supply volatility or recall risks associated with field grown products.”