Revolution Farms launches new identity, design for its product line
Revolution Farms' Buttery Bibb lettuce in the company's new packaging
Photo courtesy of Revolution Farms

Revolution Farms launches new identity, design for its product line

The company's new packaging includes a ‘harvested date’ to let consumers know when the product was actually grown.


Revolution Farms, the Michigan-based indoor hydroponic grower, has launched a new identity and packaging in the state. Rolled out in early March, the companies four lettuce and salad blends under new product names. The packaging includes a freshness seal and the date of the plant’s harvest on the package.

The freshness seals are wrapped about each container in bright colors – each product as different packaging – with a ‘enjoy by’ and ‘harvested date’ on the package. The seal also includes a ‘Pure Michigan logo,’ as 100% of Revolutions farms’ product is grown in the state in a 85,00 square foot facility in Caledonia, Michigan.

“As much as we are innovating the way lettuce is grown all year long, we are innovating packaging that more effectively tells the Revolution Farms’ story and our commitment to serving the freshest, most sustainable, best tasting lettuce and greens that are ‘better than organic’,” said John Green, Revolution Farms founder and CEO. “The new design ensures consumers can quickly identify our lettuce on the shelves, and immediately see our promise to them: local, fresh and nutritious.”

According to Revolution Farms, produces 500,000 pounds of lettuce each year. Revolution Farms salad mixes include Michigan Spring Mix, Great Lakes Gourmet, Robust Romaine and Buttery Bibb. Retail partners include Forest Hills Foods, D&W Fresh Market, VG’s and Family Fare stores.