Square Roots opening new farm in Wyoming, Michigan
Inside a Square Roots farm
Photo courtesy of Square Roots

Square Roots opening new farm in Wyoming, Michigan

The facility is set to open on Sept. 30 in conjunction with Gordon Food Service.

September 18, 2019

On Sept. 30, Square Roots will officially open its newest indoor farm on the Gordon Food Service headquarters in Wyoming, Michigan. The company said this is the beginning of a strategic partnership that will see Square Roots’ high-tech farms built on or near Gordon Food Service locations across the continent.

Square Roots’ partnership with Gordon Food Service was announced at the end of March, with the first co-located farm opening six months later. 

The company also announced that Brian Mitchell will serve as farm manager; Lauren Neirgarth and Eil Zimmer are the assistant farm managers. Mitchell previously ran an indoor aquaponic operations in Minnesota, while Neirgarth is a recent Michigan State graduate with a horticulture degree and Zimmer is a past member of Square Roots' Next-Gen Farmer program.

“Customers want fresh, locally grown food all year round,” says Rich Wolowski, CEO of Gordon Food Service. "We’re now on a path to do that at scale with Square Roots.”