Square Roots opens Michigan farm
Photo courtesy of Square Roots

Square Roots opens Michigan farm

The facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, took three months to build.


Per a press release, Square Roots has opened its newest indoor farm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company broke ground in late December and planted seeds for new crops in March—just three months later. The first harvest is now being prepared.

Produce will be available at grocery stores, ecommerce platforms, and restaurants across the Great Lakes region in the coming weeks.

“COVID-19 exposed major weaknesses in the industrial food supply chain, and accelerated the already fast-growing local farming movement," Kimbal Musk, Cofounder and Executive Chairman, said per the release. "Square Roots can now deploy commercial-scale, controlled-climate farms, fast, in locations across America to meet demand for local food, all year round. My wider mission is to bring responsibly-grown, local food to everyone in America. With Square Roots, we’re going to do it fast.”