Farmers markets moving forward

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Coalitions with community organizations are improving access to fresh produce through farmers markets.

September 17, 2019

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In 2014, the Kentucky Department of Public Health partnered with a coalition of community organizations to improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables through farmers markets. As of 2017, low-income customers were able to shop at 41 participating markets and have their federal nutrition benefits matched when purchasing fresh, local produce.

Customers surveyed after the initial phase of the program found that:

68% said that they eat more fruits and vegetables thanks to this program.

71% felt more educated about nutrition and healthy eating.

Here are some more stats on the state of farmers markets in the United States:

In the United States, there are 2.7 farmers markets per 100,000 citizens.

32 States have an active state food policy council.

There are currently 234 active local food policy councils.

There are 212 active food hubs in the United States.