United Fresh announces Concurrent Education Sessions for 2018 Washington Conference

United Fresh announces Concurrent Education Sessions for 2018 Washington Conference

The sessions will cover foodborne diseases, immigration, the 2018 Farm Bill and SNAP.

August 13, 2018
Press Release

The United Fresh Produce Association has announced 2018 Concurrent Education Sessions for its Washington Conference, taking place Sept. 24-26, 2018, according to a press release.

Is it time for a National Foodborne Disease Investigation Board?
Recent history of foodborne disease outbreaks across all sectors of the food industry has shown the fundamental flaws in the United States’ local, state and federal systems, according to the release. United Fresh says it’s time to talk with Congress about a new commitment comparable to the National Transportation Safety Board investigating transportation accidents. The association will discuss the flaws in today’s system, and what Congress needs to do about it, according to the release.

Writing a new immigration bill that meets agriculture’s needs
Come ready to share what you think needs to be in a bipartisan immigration bill that works for fresh produce. It’s sadly clear that Congress is not going to pass immigration reform the United States needs in 2018, so the fresh produce industry must craft and introduce a 2019 immigration bill that addresses the industry’s needs, according to the release. Join this interactive discussion to take this important issue into the produce industry’s own hands.

2018 Farm Bill – What’s next? 
The Farm Bill invests more than $3 billion in the specialty crop industry through a wide variety of programs that you as industry members can tap into. Hear what’s next as Congress deliberates about the largest single government investment to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crop agriculture.

It's time for SNAP to become a nutrition health program
The SNAP program (food stamps) provides almost $70 billion to consumers annually, with no preference for healthy foods. It will be a long-term food fight to make that change, but Americans on SNAP deserve the produce industry’s help in aligning this program to focus on healthy foods, according to the release. Join United Fresh to discuss its strategic agenda for SNAP reform and how the produce industry can take this message to Congress.