Read all of our Urban Agriculture series articles in one place

Read all of our Urban Agriculture series articles in one place

University researchers reveal the latest about vertical farms, lighting, rooftop gardens and more.

October 2, 2018

This year, renowned researchers in the produce space contributed to Produce Grower’s 2018 Urban Agriculture series. Read each of the articles in the series below.


February 2018 – Agriculture’s homecoming

Urban agriculture farms give rise to a new landscape of opportunities for commercial growers.

March 2018 – Utilizing supplemental and sole-source lighting in urban crop production environments

Electric lighting is needed to either supplement naturally available sunlight, extend day length or serve as the sole source of light.

April 2018 – Urban crop production in vertical farms

Optimizing resource use such as for energy, water, nutrients, and CO2 is essential for the long-term viability of vertical farm systems.


June 2018 – Rethinking rooftops

Urban agriculture has been gradually moving to rooftops, a previously underutilized space with a lot of growing potential.


August 2018 – Cultivating community

Growers and retailers connect with the community and school garden movement.


September 2018 - Ensuring customer success with indoor home gardening

Home gardening of edibles in indoor environments is a growing market for companies supplying plants and growing systems.


October 2018 - Economics of urban ag

Targeting high-value, niche markets or products, and adapting a social business model can help urban greenhouses derive profit.