Vertical Harvest to open new farm in Maine
An outside shot of Vertical Harvest's Wyoming farm
Photo: Allison Kreig

Vertical Harvest to open new farm in Maine

The facility is expected to be 70,000 square feet and produce 1 million pounds of food in a year.


According to story from News Center Maine, vertical farming company Vertical Harvest is expanding to Westrbrook, Maine with a 70,000 square foot vertical farm.

“We want to grow as much food as possible. We want to employ as many people as possible. We want to do both year-round. That’s what gave us the idea to go up. So at its heart, we want to be able for these farms to serve the community in which it sits, so that means being in the heart of our urban centers,” said co-founder Nona Yehia, per the article.

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Vertical Harvest is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Earlier in 2020, Yehia told Produce Grower that the company had plans to build a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.