Village Farms facility being used for cannabis production

Village Farms facility being used for cannabis production

One-fourth of a 10 hectare greenhouse is allotted for cannabis in Vancouver.

August 13, 2018
The Vancouver Sun

The air in Pure Sunfarms’ harvest room is thick with a sweetly fragrant scent as workers busily separate cannabis buds from recently picked flowers, for a company in a hurry to meet the Oct. 17 deadline for the availability of legal, recreational weed.

Up until last November, tomatoes would have been the crop coming out of the sprawling 10-hectare greenhouse in Delta. Now, about a quarter of the facility has been turned into clean, security-sealed growing rooms for cannabis. Ten hectares is the equivalent of nine-and-a-half FIFA-sized soccer pitches laid out in orderly rectangles.

The remaining eight hectares of glass rooms are rapidly being converted for the same purpose as joint-venture partners in the Pure Sunfarms facility — licensed medicinal cannabis producer Emerald Health Therapeutics and greenhouse-grower Village Farms — gear up for the legal, recreational market.

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