Village Farms stock now listed on Nasdaq

Village Farms stock now listed on Nasdaq

Listed as 'VFF', the stock became available for trading on Feb. 21.

February 25, 2019

Village Farms, the hydroponic greenhouse grower based in Vancouver, British Columbia, announced in a press release that its stock will now be traded on Nasdaq under the listing "VFF." The listing went into effect on Feb. 19 and was approved for listing on Feb. 15, according to the grower. 

The grower's stock was already listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange; it will remain in that market. Concurrent with its Nasdaq listing, Village Farms is delisting its stock from OTCQX, another stock marketplace.

Village Farms primarily grows tomatoes, but also produce cucumbers and peppers. In addition to British Columbia, the grower has growing facilities in Texas and Mexico. Village Farms also owns 50 percent of Pure Sunfarms Corp., a cannabis operation in British Columbia.

As of Feb. 25, its stock is listed at $10.63 a share, according to Nasdaq.