Vineland releases 2019-20 Innovation Report

Vineland releases 2019-20 Innovation Report

The Canadian research institution's annual report includes articles on cucumber production, smart mushroom harvesting and using artificial intelligence to water plants.

November 13, 2019

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has released its 2019-20 Innovation Report, an annual report detailing the research the organization worked on in the last year. Topics covered in the report include:

  • Seeking some hungry predators
  • Vineland makes expertise available to industry
  • Carving a path to commercialization
  • Vineland's Automation Cluster seeds a homegrown industry
  • Vineland is bringing smart mushroom harvesting within reach
  • Getting smart about greenhouse irrigation: using artificial intelligence to guide watering decisions in Canada's greenhouses
  • An automated workforce to harvest Canada's greenhouse cucumbers
  • Vineland at a glance

The 2019-20 report, as well as past reports, is available here.