Wadsworth Control Systems releases Mac version of Sphere software
Photo courtesy of Wadsworth Control Systems

Wadsworth Control Systems releases Mac version of Sphere software

Sphere is the companion software for the environmental control Seed.

Spring 2019 brings the introduction of a Mac version of Sphere, the companion software for the environmental control, Seed. “Seed has been out for three years and is doing very well,” Gary Dean, president of Wadsworth Control Systems, said. “We knew we wanted to include a Mac version from the beginning.” 
There have been some requests for a Mac version of Wadsworth’s legacy software, STEP Saver, but with Sphere, they’ve increased greatly, according to a press release.
Sphere’s user interface is nearly identical to the Seed control, allowing you to view all of your Seed controls and change settings in real time. Sphere allows growers to create multiple control profiles for seasonal changes, according to the release. Sphere has enhanced graphing functions that allow growers to analyze and export data as they desire.
Seed was a leap forward from traditional controller user interfaces in the greenhouse climate automation industry. It’s logical that along with the more accessible GUI, the software would be more widely accessible as well.” Dean said, “Adding the Mac version increases the flexibility for our customers and shows Wadsworth’s support for multiple platforms going forward.”
Many growers have Macs, but no choice for their environmental control software, which has been traditionally designed for PCs only. One grower reports, “We all used Macs, and wanted the software on our computers, but we had to use a PC because the software demanded it.” Jeff Henderson, the programmer in charge of bringing Sphere to the Mac summed it up for Apple devotees: “You now get to use Sphere on the platform you love.”