Hydroponic (Leafy Greens) and Greenhouse Solutions: A perfect match!

Hydroponic production methods, like the deep flow technique and the nutrient film technique, allow leafy green producers to achieve rapid, consistent production with high-density cultivation. 

In this white paper, experts from Harnois Industries will explain the nuts and bolts of hydroponic production and prepare you for a successful, high-value crop of leafy greens.

Some of the topics covered in this white paper include:
  • Hydroponics is a sustainable alternative that maximizes the efficiency of water and fertilizer (while minimizing its use), controls water loss and increases land-use efficiency.
  • Since labor is such an important consideration for greenhouse growers, it’s important to know that hydroponic systems require fewer staff. 
  • The costs are lower for quality control and washing. 

Download the white paper here and start cashing in on a better crop of leafy greens!