Wednesday, August 05, 2015

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Fifteen engineers to build indoor vertical farms as part of Vertical Farming Design Challenge

The challenge, hosted by element14, will pick winners based on originality, innovation, technical merit and data points collected. More

House blocks mandatory labeling for genetically engineered crops

The measure was approved 275-150 on July 23. More

USDA expands crop insurance

Additional options will now be available for fruit and nut producers, including blueberry and tomato growers. More

USDA and NASA expand partnership

The agreement will expand cooperation on space-borne remote sensing efforts to gather soil moisture data. More

PSI: Watch for mites as the weather warms

By Steve Frank

Twospotted spider mites are the most common spider mite pest in the greenhouse and they feed on most vegetables and transplants. Here's how you stop them. More

Product Spotlight

LINX chimney

LINX Greenhouses provides natural ventilation through its new chimney-style, poly-roof. By using the forces of convection, hot air rises up and... More

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Greenhouse in South Bend to provide jobs for teens with autism

Green Bridge Growers received a grant to construct a 2,100-square-foot facility that will grow 30,000 lbs. of produce annually. More

Gene Hurst, founder of Hurst Boiler, passes away

Hurst founded his company in Coolidge, Ga. More

Asian citrus psyllid quarantine expands

An 87-square mile area of Los Angeles county has been added to the existing quarantine. More

Failed vertical greenhouse advertised on Craigslist Vancouver for $1.5 million

The high-tech greenhouse was slated to produce 200 kilograms of organic leafy greens daily. More

Microsoft launches 'Innovation Challenge' with USDA

The contest will explore how climate change will impact the United States' food system. More

More than 20 countries represented at Cultivate'15

The yearly AmericanHort event in Columbus, Ohio, drew more than 10,000 attendees. More

DiPel PRO DF Biological Insecticide label now includes light brown apple moth

DiPel PRO DF may be used on a variety of ornamentals. More

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Beauty and sustenance

Dutch strawberry breeder ABZ Seeds introduces two new strawberry varieties that look good and taste great. More