Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Keeping good water

By Chris Mosby

Water is the source of most life. Making sure your supply is perfect is crucial for the life of your plants. More

Exerting your biocontrol

By Chris Mosby

Biocontrols can be expensive and difficult to implement. So why should growers invest in them? And how should they utilize them? More

The ABCs of PGRs in vegetables

By GM Staff

Thinking about using PGRs in your produce crops? We’ve asked an expert to break down the basics. More

Crack the code

By Neal Thornberry, Ph.D.

Implement these seven solid steps to encourage innovation in your operation. More

PSI: The case of the sucking pest

By Raymond Cloyd

Aphids can suck away your profits with their nefarious appetite for greenhouse-grown vegetables. More

Product Spotlight

LINX chimney

LINX Greenhouses provides natural ventilation through its new chimney-style, poly-roof. By using the forces of convection, hot air rises up and... More

Latest News

Greenhouse specializes in out-of-season vegetables

Pennsylvania grower infuses water with nutrients to raise nutritious produce. More

Selling ugly fruit to curb food waste

Two Canadian grocery stores are selling misshapen foods at lower prices. More

Vancouver faces lawsuit after denying lease transfer to would-be parkade farmer

City is facing $1.4 million lawsuit for declining a lease transfer of a downtown vertical-farm enterprise. More

Desert greenhouse model hopes to grow vegetables by collecting dew

The nonprofit Roots Up has created the model to trap humidity create drinking water through irrigation. More

SNAP particpants get job training

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Labor Secretary Tom Perez announced $200 million in funding for SNAP job programs. More

APHIS announces Farm Bill spending plan

The program will provide nearly $58 million for specialty crops, a 20-percent increase from last year. More

NASA scientist: California has one year of water left

By The Guardian

After four years of drought, the state's reservoir storage and backup supply are dangerously low. More

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Gutter system for strawberry production

Mark Kroggel, University of Arizona, discusses the components of a gutter system for strawberry production. More