Cox Enterprises invests in Mucci Farms
An overhead shot of a Mucci Farms greenhouse facility
Photo courtesy of Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises invests in Mucci Farms

Mucci Farms, based in Ontario, Canada, grows various fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse space.

Cox Enterprises has announced a "significant strategic investment in Mucci Farms," a 60-year industry leader with a network of thousands of acres of indoor grown fruits and vegetables.

This strategic partnership, per the release, is "the next phase in Cox building a multibillion-dollar controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business and establishing Cox as one of the leading providers of sustainable produce across North America." 

“Mucci Farms combines its multigenerational farming expertise and technological innovations to grow high-quality, great tasting produce,” said Steve Bradley, vice president of cleantech, Cox Enterprises. “It’s the perfect complement to our expanding footprint in sustainable agriculture, and we look forward to working together with the Mucci Farms team to transform the industry.”

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Mucci Farms supplies fresh produce to major retailers across Canada and the United States. The industry leader has greenhouses in both countries with a dedicated team of more than 2,000 employees. With annual investments in world class technology, Mucci Farms places a high emphasis on automation and robotics to improve efficiencies from seed to retail.

The company is committed to sustainability and innovation, including its sustainable packaging, water recycling program, integrated pest management and "the largest grow light program in the Canadian CEA industry," according to the release.

“It’s humbling to see how far we have come as an organization that was once a small family business,” said principals Bert Mucci, Danny Mucci, Gianni Mucci and Joe Spano in a joint statement. “For several decades, we have had tremendous growth at Mucci Farms to bring us to the forefront of controlled environment agriculture. The core of our organization and success has been rooted in family values across the board, from our internal teams to our partners. We are committed to supporting our customers with high-quality products, excellence in execution and vertically integrated support from seed to retail. We are excited to continue this journey with Cox Enterprises, who share those values and that vision and will support our efforts to provide more communities with fresh produce from coast to coast."