United Fresh announces 2020 Expo at San Diego Convention Center
Photo courtesy of United Fresh Produce Association

United Fresh announces 2020 Expo at San Diego Convention Center

After the success of the 2019 Convention, United Fresh will launch a four-year rotation with San Diego as its first stop.


At the conclusion of the United Fresh 2019 Convention, it was announced that the United Fresh 2020 Convention & Expo will take place June 16-18 in San Diego, CA, marking the first stop in a new four-year city cycle for the trade show.

“Chicago has been good to us,” said United Fresh President & CEO Tom Stenzel. “But the time has come for us to broaden opportunities across the industry by taking the show on the road. After next year, we’ll also be moving back into our traditional late Spring timetable to enhance our attendee experience.”

The United Fresh 2019 Convention featured more than 5,000 attendees across thee fresh produce industry, more than 250 retail and foodservice buyers, 26 retail/foodservice companies and vendors participating in the first B2B partner X-Cange, 127 speakers, a representation of 32 countries, 280 exhibitors and 70 school foodservice directors that fed more than 600 million children in the last school year.

Future dates and locations for United Fresh Convention & Expo include:

• June 16-18, 2020; San Diego, CA

• April 21-23, 2021; Los Angeles, CA

• May 9-11, 2022; Boston, MA

• April 18-20, 2023; San Diego, CA


At future conventions, the industry can anticipate more of the following:

• The successful Partner X-Change, a B2B matchmaking program where buyers and vendors came together for one-on-one meetings, engaging new retail and foodservice operators to present new products, pitch new programs and develop new relationships

• United Fresh Late Night where attendees gather for an evening of networking and entertainment.

• Enhanced opportunities for networking and discovery across the trade show floor including the EATS food court on the expo floor, Innovation Awards, FutureTEC Zone, Marketing Solutions Zone and more.

• The International Trade Center where countries exporting or importing product can build new trade relationships.

• Further engagement of School Foodservice Directors through the Fresh Festival for School Foodservice and School Foodservice Forum where relationships built at United Fresh are increasing kids’ consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Enhanced focus on Women in Produce and Retail/Foodservice Leadership.


The 2020 Convention will also mark the conclusion of the 25th year of the United Fresh Produce Industry Leadership Program. For more information, please visit www.unitedfresh.org