Cuesta Roble releases 2019 global greenhouse statistics

The new report says there are 1,228,000 acres of greenhouse growing space for produce worldwide.

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The January 2019 estimate of the World Greenhouse Vegetable area is 496,800 ha. (1,228,000 acres), according to Cuesta Roble. This updated figure is based on newly released official government statistics and revisions, recent peer-reviewed scientific research papers and updates to known growers with contact information. Significant area has been reclassified from “greenhouse” to “protected agriculture” since the January 2018 total. “Greenhouse” is defined as permanent structures, and generally excludes tunnels, row covers, etc.  “Protected Agriculture” is defined as any crop “under cover”. The estimated global protected agriculture area is 5,630,000 ha. (13,912,000 ac.). 

As a comparison, the published global greenhouse vegetable area in 1980, 39 years ago, was 150,000 ha. (371,000 ac.)  The “protected vegetable cultivation” area in 1995, 24 years ago, was published as 500,000 ha. (1.2 million ac.).

Since the publication of last year’s World Greenhouse Vegetable Statistics, 55 new data updates have been found, covering 48 countries. New data items include: soilless Culture areas, costs of production, global area by country, glass vs. plastic greenhouse area, crop yields, organic greenhouse vegetable area, and “protected cultivation” area/yields, among many others.

 These updates have been compiled into a new publication: World Greenhouse Vegetable Statistics- 2019 Updates. As many interested companies and universities already have the 2018 edition, these 2019 updates are being made available as a separate publication. The 2018 publication, with the 2019 updates, is also available as a combination.

The complete table of contents for this new 2019 update, as well as ordering information for all greenhouse vegetable publications, is available at

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